Will coaching cost me anything?

Coaching will not cost you any additional funds, just your time and effort. The more you put in, the more you will benefit.

How many times will I meet with my coach?

The number of times you meet is based on your individual needs and goals. After your first meeting, you and your coach will determine the frequency of future meetings.

What will we talk about?

Your coach will help you identify your strengths. Coaches will also ask questions to help you explore your options so you can make informed decisions. You will have an opportunity to establish goals and create a success plan.

Would I be able to access other services on campus and in the community while I am being coached?

Yes. You will have access to all other services on campus and within the community. In fact, if another resource can better serve you, we encourage you to reach out and connect with them. There may also be a time when your coach recommends another service to you.