1995 Alumni of Distinction


Kevin Ambeault Electronic Engineering Technology, 1979     Kevin Ambeault is a manager for the Canadian region Hewlett Packard, recognized by his peers with a Stars Award and by the company with a Top Contributor Club Award. Ambeault is also a district commissioner for Scouts Canada in Milton, Ontario, overseeing scouting programs for people ages five to 26.

Shelley Jones Legal Administration, 1985     Shelley Jones started college at the age of 16 and upon graduation continued her education by completing her Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies (Honours). Jones has worked in law offices in Oshawa, Kingston and Ottawa, Ontario and is currently a senior paralegal manager/litigation law clerk at Smart & Biggar in Ottawa. Jones is also involved in assisting with cases involving spouses of Canadian military members who are looking to receive pension benefits. She also shares job developments with graduates of Durham College.